Kishimoto Koichi. Politics in modern Japan

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Kishimoto Koichi. Politics in modern Japan

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Kishimoto Koichi. Politics in Modern Japan. Development and Organization. Tokyo: Japan Echo Inc., 1988. -- 193 p.

Кишимото Коичи. Политика в современной Японии. На английском языке. Мягкий переплет. Формат увеличенный. Сохранность хорошая.

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Третье издание книги Коичи Кишимото (Kishimoto Koichi), посвященной детальному анализу современной политической системы Японии - истории ее становления, организации, проблемам и перспективам.

This fully revised, updated, and expanded edition of Politics in Modern Japan provides an insider's concise and comprehensive account of the modern Japanese political system—its historical development and constitutional underpinnings, its organization and dynamics, its problems and prospects. Explanations of each facet of the system are supplemented with useful charts and tables and illustrated with examples of Japanese politics in action. In the third edition, the author has attempted to address the central concerns of Japan watchers today with expanded sections on these pertinent topics:

• the structure and role of the bureaucracy
• the history of the postwar political parties
• the policy-making apparatus of the Liberal Democratic Party
• factional politics, including a genealogical chart of LDP factions
• elections and political funds

With its wealth of essential material, lucidly organized and thoroughly indexed, this book is destined to take its place as a basic reference on a subject of vital interest to all who seek a genuine understanding of contemporary Japan.

Kishimoto Koichi is a senior specialist in the Research and Legislative Reference Bureau of the National Diet Library, Tokyo, and the author of several books in Japanese on parliamentary politics in Japan. After graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, he worked as a political reporter and correspondent at Jiji Press news service for over two decades and was head of Jiji's political news department when he left the agency in 1974. From 1976 to 1979 he served as secretary to House of Representatives Speaker Hori Shigeru.
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